44% voters are female in Pakistan


CIRP Report


With the announcement of General Elections 2018 to be held on July 25 in Pakistan, let’s take a look at voters’ related statistics prepared by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and our analysis of the same.

According to ECP, there are a total of over 105 million registered voters in the four provinces and FATA and Federal Area. As per Population Census 2017, Pakistan’s population is over 207 million. Of all registered voters in the country, some 44% are female voters.

Area wise the maximum percentage of female voters is in the Federal Area i.e., 47% and the lowest in FATA i.e., 40%.



When compared to total population as per the Population Census 2017, 51% of the population of Pakistan has the power to exercise their right to vote. And province/ area-wise, Punjab has the largest number of voters as percentage of overall population.


In Punjab 55% of its population has the right to vote while Balochistan has the lowest percentage of voters on the basis of overall population, i.e., 35%.






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