Support CIRP

Our goal is to train journalists and funds their investigation projects so as to provide in-depth, contextual and detailed information about the happenings in Pakistan. We firmly believe that only investigative journalism can assist in making informed decisions. CIRP understands that improvised quality of news gathering will generate a desired impact, spark debate on the issues of public importance and guarantee our better future by educating all of us for exercising our right of choice. 


How to Help?

You can support our cause through various means and ways. We welcome your assistance for non-partisan work to carry forward the sole agenda: service to Pakistan, our beloved motherland. We look towards your support in cash and kind.


People from Pakistan can send us donations at this:

A/C Title: Center for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan

Bank: Faysal Bank Ltd

Account No. 01940060003166

Branch Address: Plot No. 14, F-11 Markaz,

Islamabad, Pakistan

Those wishing to donate us from North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, Middle East and Australia can get bank details here


CIRP welcomes in-kind help essential for keeping our work in progress. We need technology assistance (like computers, cameras, fax machines and printing machines), office equipment and accommodations in different cities to carry out the intended mission, travel arrangements for our staff and training participants.  

Adopt-a-Project Scheme

We welcome philanthropists to fund our different investigations and training projects. We plan to build up a data resource storing important information just a ‘click’ away from the journalists and citizens. Also under consideration are several projects on corruption, mal-governance, human rights violations, health and education depending on our capacity and resources. Those interested to invest may contact us at for further details.