Details of CDA’s 478 vehicles


By Basit Ali Khan


Capital Development Authority (CDA) has over 14,000 employees while it has 478 vehicles—mostly being used by the officers.


Majority of the vehicles, 52, are in the use of administration pool while its Maintenance Directorate has 33 vehicles followed by 27 for the Directorate of Water Supply.


While Suzuki Cultus cars, of different models, are being widely, 66 in numbers, the CDA has 35 Toyata Double Cabin vehicles for its officers. These 3000cc vehicles are of different models while Double Cabin vehicles of some other companies Mitsubishi (5) and Nissan (1) are also under the use of the Authority—making its one of the favorite vehicles.


Separately, there are 10 vehicles being used under the CDA Chairman pool. The details of all the vehicles under the CDA use are given below.




You can download all the details in PDF file from here.

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