General Elections 2018: Gender deficit in voters’ registration

Basit Ali Khan


The recent voters’ data of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) shows glaring difference between registration of male and female voters in the country. The deficit, in terms of male and female voters, has increased from 10.97 million in 2013 to 12.17 million in 2017.

The data shows that voter gender deficit mark is over 12 million. Out of total 97 million registered voters, 54.5 million are male and 42.4 million are female; whereas, the remaining few registered voters are transgender people.



Voter Gender Deficit (Province-Wise):

The data shows that Punjab is way behind from other provinces in terms of registration of women voter as the gender deficit is more than 6.7 million which is more than half of the total number of registered voters. Sindh is second with the deficit of more than 2.2 million followed by Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (2 million), Balochistan (0.57 million) and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) stands last with only 52,000 gender voter deficit.

Punjab has the highest voter gender deficit but it has the highest number in term of population as well. So, it would be improper to put Punjab into the worst place of voter registration of women. Furthermore, if the data is further analyzed then it should be matched with unregistered vote per female.

Unregistered vote per women (Province-Wise):

The unregistered vote per women shows that Balochistan has the worst score as 27 out of 100 women are still not listed to cast their vote in the upcoming elections. KPK is on second place as 25 out of 100 women will not be a part of upcoming elections. The third position is of Punjab where 22 out 100 women are still unregistered in the electoral rolls. Sindh has managed to come last where 20 out 100 women remain unregistered. Hence, Balochistan has the most unsatisfactory figures in unregistered vote per women.


Voter Gender Deficit (District-Wise):

Top three districts of each province:

The worst districts where this basic right is being snatched from women are:

Punjab: Lahore (6.4 lakhs), Faisalabad (5 lakhs) and Gujranwala (3.7 lakhs).

Sindh: Karachi west (3.3 lakhs), Karachi Central (1.8 lakhs) and Korangi (1.6 lakhs).

KPK: Peshawar (2.5 lakhs), Mardan (1.9 lakhs) and Swat 1.4 (Lakhs

Baluchistan, Quetta (1 lakhs), Qilla Abdullah (0.5 lakhs) and Pishin (0.3 lakhs)

Voter gender deficit in comparison with Unregistered vote per women (District-Wise):

Top three districts of each province:

Top three worst districts are:

Punjab: Sheikhupura (30 out of 100 women), Narowal (29 out of 100 women) and Kasur (27 out of 100 women).

Sindh: Karachi west (35 out of 100),Malir (30 out of 100 women), and Korangi (24 out of 10 women) remain unregistered

KPK: Upper dir (34 out of 100 women), Lower dir (32 out of 100 women) and Batagram (30 out of 100 women) are not registered

Balochistan: Kohlu (50 out of 100), DeraBugti (46 out of 100 women) and Killa Abdullah (42 out of 100 women) are still unregistered

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  1. Its excellent information…I first time accessed such detailed data from top to bottom level as from national level to provincial and district level.. I really appriciate CIRP for making data available… i hope you further go on for other such athentic information that will policy makers to focus under developed districts for ensuring equal representation of cititizens…

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