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Maximum overseas employed Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia



By Basit Ali Khan


Do you know? Since 1971 to January 2018, Pakistan’s Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment has registered over 10 million Pakistanis who are working abroad particularly in the Arab countries.

Half of them have been registered for Saudi Arabia alone—making the country the largest job provider to Pakistanis since 1971.



During all these years, maximum number of Pakistanis 522,750 went to Saudi Arabia for employment in the year 2015 while most of the people went to UAE (295,647) in 2016.

Tunisia has the lowest number of Pakistani workers. Since 1971, there are only 42 Pakistanis who are registered for work in Tunisia through Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment, Pakistan.


Of all those who moved abroad for employment and are registered with the Pakistan’s Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment are laborers over 3.8 million followed by drivers over one million—mostly in the Gulf countries.


Since 1971, as many as 12,837 Pakistanis went to Iran for employment and maximum of these (12,570) went to Iran during 1971 to 2005. In Turkey, there are only 539 registered Pakistani workers since 1971 with maximum 112 in the year 2017.


Official data shows that most of these people are from Karachi (524,106), followed by Sialkot (429,533), Lahore (375,086), Rawalpindi (369,665) and Lower Dir (345,214).






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