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On average reported crime percentage dropped in Pakistan, except for KPK


An analysis of official statistics pertaining to crime across Pakistan reveals that crime incidents involving murders, attempted murders, kidnapping/abduction and dacoity dropped in provinces except for KPK during 2011-2016. The stats show maxim drop in crime was witnessed in Sindh.


Unlike other provinces including Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab, crimes including attempted murders, kidnapping/abduction and dacoity increased in Khyber-Pakhtukhwa (KPK). Also decrease in crime related to murders in KPK was not as good as in other provinces which led to increase in overall crime index of the province.




In terms of absolute numbers, Punjab tops the chart with 3,995 murders in 2016 alone, followed by 2,481 in KPK, 1,445 in Sindh and 382 in Balochistan during the same year. Similarly, 13,349 kidnapping/abduction cases were reported from Punjab, 2,891 from Sindh, 1,214 from KPK and 215 from Balochistan.





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