Punjab School Census 2017-18


By Basit Ali Khan


Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit of the Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme (PESRP) of the Punjab government has recently released a report on Annual School Census 2017-18. According to the report, there are some 52,394 public schools across the province.

Majority of these schools are primary schools (36,091), followed by elementary schools (8,280), secondary schools (6,662) and higher secondary schools (719).



The above map shows the districts with maximum (blue) and minimum (red) number of schools in each district of the province.


As per the report, there are also some 642 Masjid Maktab schools across Punjab.


The report also reveals that there are more female schools (27,273) than male schools (25,121) in Punjab. The following charts explains some other key facts about public schools in Punjab.




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